Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Theory Thursday: Shrinking Attention Spans Cause Expanding Waistlines?

Ok, not a design related topic this time around, but it's my blog and well, I can do whatever the hell I want! :P Promise to get back to design next week!

I have a theory. Not sure what exactly prompted this one, but it sorta popped into my head one day. Could it be that the shorter our attention spans get, the larger our waistlines get?

It sounds contradictory, I know, as you'd think all the running around people do nowadays we'd all be skinny as rails. But think about it: we run around, faces glued to our Blackberries or iPhones or whatever and we don't have time to eat a meal, so we go for the high-fat fast food that we wolf down in as few bites as possible. Some folks don't "have time" to excercise, so they skip it. When we do sit, we sit for hours glued to TVs, computers, or some other device. So all that high-fat food just gets added on to, well, us.

I'm sure there are holes in this theory, and I'd love to hear what you think about this topic!

(hmm. it appears that today is not Thursday, whoops!)


Diversion said...

I think that the more jobs that become technology-based, the worse the expanding waistline becomes! For me, If I am not sitting in front of my computer or sitting in a meeting, I'm not working. Sitting all day (even if you take breaks) makes feel cruddy and tired! By the time you get home, you feel too exhausted to go to the gym AND take care of whatever house-hold day-to-day stuff you have to do. It really does SUCK. I wish that more workplaces would give time for walking/gym during the day - a lunch hour is just not long enough (especially in an Alabama summer where you can come back from a lazy stroll sweating!)....

Anyway, I totally agree with your theory and I truly hope that the employers of the world will catch on soon and help people help themselves in this busy world.

n2 said...

Mary, great comments, thanks for sharing! I agree with you 100%!