Saturday, August 6, 2011

HOW Design Live 2011

Hello everyone. Sorry I've not been keeping up my blogging as of late. I've been quite busy this summer with personal stuff and lots of projects. I was fortunate enough to attend yet another HOW Design Conference this year, HOW Design Live 2011 held in Chicago this past June.

In the past, I've written up a blog entry or three about my experiences at the HOW Conference; however this year I thought I would try something different. I decided to capture my experiences in a Blurb book. Nick's Notes: How Design Live 2011 features not only photos from Chicago/HOW, but also some inspired color palettes and highlights of my notes. I feel it's a better representation of how I experienced this year's conference.

I hope you enjoy it!

p.s. Look for more blog entries soon on some of the cool projects I've been working on this summer!