Friday, February 26, 2010

Haiti Poster Project

I'd love it if you'd vote for my poster here, but please pick your fav, great work here all around.

Like many people, I was shocked and saddened by the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. I did my small part by donated a few bucks to a good organization. But in situations of this magnitude, it never seems like enough.

Luckily, designers are a generous bunch and the same folks that did the The Hurricane Poster Project when Katrina struck also started The Haiti Poster Project. The premise is simple: artists create limited edition posters signed and numbered and the posters will be sold online to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. Their goal: $1,000,000. I know they can do it.

I was a bit hesitant to participate as the artists do have to pay for the printing and shipping of the posters. However, my friends over at Red Dog Graphics have offered to donate the cost of printing up one lucky designer's poster. Voting on their Facebook begins today. I've entered my poster, and whether or not I win, I will plan on printing the posters and sending them in to the poster project. It's the least I can do. (I will post a link to vote once it goes live).

My poster concept is simple and stark: I used the flag of Haiti as my base colors and layout to represent the country. The crackled texture obviously represents the earthquake. I added in “Haiti” to the text in black to reflect the darkness of that January 12 when the earthquake hit with the plea to “Help” overlaid in white (peace, hospital).