Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Geo Goofed?

I love National Geographic magazine. I've been a subscriber for about six years now and I really appreciate the diversity of stories and how they manage to astound me with the beauty of the planet we all live on. Their indepth stories and wonderful photography really bring the far reaches of the world right into my living room. That's why I was a bit baffled by a photo taken by George Stienmetz that ran in the July 2008 issue:

Is it just me or does the shadow of that mountain appear to be, well, very perfect and straight on the sides. And look at how the tip of the mountain's "shadow" goes out onto the clouds, flat. Now, I have never been to Bolivia's Altiplano region, but I'm fairly certain that shadows usually follow the contours of whatever object they fall on to. I'm hoping that I'm wrong, maybe there is an explanation for such a phenomena. But for now, I have to wonder, is it real or is it Photoshop?

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