Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Helping Singles to Not Be Single

Yes, I'm 34 and I'm still single. Sometimes it's great: do what a want when I want, nobody to check with, nobody to wake me up from an impromptu nap. But really, it would be great to find that one special woman, the love of my life. I'm not the best at asking women out, and I figure that there are more great guys like me out there that are in the same boat.

I began to think on this problem as I kept in mind one of mantras "Design your life." So I got to thinking. I wear a lot of t-shirts. I figured that if I could advertise on t-shirts, maybe I could spark some interest in, well, me! So I put a few keywords on my t-shirt of who I am and who I'm looking for and had Zazzle print me up a shirt. I've just ordered my shirt and I'm expecting it to arrive next week. I've also developed a line of products called me+u singles and posted a few items for sale on my Zazzle store. So far I've got a men's and women's t-shirt as well as men's and women's profile cards. I may add more items as demand grows.

It will be an interesting social experiment to say the least. And at the best, it could be a cool way for me to use design to help others.

Here's the shirt I designed for myself:

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